Hurricane Irma

In the moment: The Aftermath of Hurricane Irma – Part 3

September 21, 2017

By: Daniel Schumann – Senior Vice President, Worldwide Facilities – Orlando

It’s been at least a week since the final bands of Hurricane Irma moved out of Florida, and residents are left with the assessment of damages.

As with most hurricanes the day after its passing begins with a trip outside to look around and talk to neighbors. If you think about it, most are without power, TV, internet, roads are blocked by downed trees, power lines are strewn over the roads, traffic signals aren’t working, curfews are in affect and almost all businesses are closed.

This is why the mad dash for water, gas and generators was worth it!

By early morning Tuesday, September 12th, we knew our office building had power and it was time to get to work. We pulled our computers and keyboards from their sheltered closets and set them up once again at our desks. We readied ourselves for the influx of claims.

Despite any inconveniences we’ve personally experienced, we have insureds throughout the state with far more significant losses to submit. It’s a time when being in the insurance industry allows us to be of service to others.

Hurricane Irma has left the State of Florida with widespread power outages, leaving some agents without the ability to receive or file claims. Our team checks on clients and takes loss information over the phone when needed, so that we can transmit the information to our carriers.

Despite Irma and its negative impact on those in its path, this type of event brings everyone in the community closer, both personally and professionally. We start the process of recovery while tentatively looking over our shoulder at Hurricane Jose and then Maria. We still have a couple months left to go before the 2017 hurricane season resolves.

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