Reliable Energy for the Future: 5 Key Benefits of Microgrids

October 8, 2019

By Loren Henry, Broker
Worldwide Facilities – San Diego, CA

Like miniature electricity grids, microgrids draw power from on-site or local sources, helping to deliver clean and reliable energy for the future. Unlike wider grids that fall victim to extreme weather conditions and other emergencies, microgrids can be insulated against these types of disruptions.

Moreover, microgrids can come back online quicker – even in the event of a widespread power outage. But adaptability and resilience are just two of the benefits of microgrid technology. Other advantages include:


The ability to keep the power on when the central grid begins to fail — also known as islanding — is a key benefit of microgrid technology. Until the larger grids can be restored, the microgrid’s generators and/or batteries step in to provide power. In some cases, a microgrid can immediately restore power to an area or facility, with occupants barely aware that an outage occurred.

Green Power Integration

Microgrids have the technology to intelligently integrate with a variety of renewable resources such as wind, solar, fuel cells, combined heat and power plants, and energy storage technologies. More advanced microgrids can also be programmed to meet specific sustainability goals.

Increased Cybersecurity

Because of their ability to quickly restore and distribute power, many companies are installing microgrids as a preventative measure to bolster their cybersecurity efforts. In the event that one generator is attacked, the microgrid can instantly rely on other power sources.

Cost Effectiveness

Microgrids reduce costs through the efficient management of energy by selling power and services back to the grid. So, in addition to using energy, microgrids also produce and control it. Microgrids can also support  demand response programs or participate in state and federal clean energy programs such as state renewable portfolio standard initiatives or federal production tax credits. Many states also have grant programs specifically for installing microgrids.

Providing Economic Growth

Microgrids are helping create new jobs in the sustainable energy sectors, particularly at the local level, as well as generating new business opportunities. As interest in the technology continues to grow, research into effective renewable energy and smart power systems will create even more opportunities for microgrid use.

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