Hydroelectric Energy

Four Advantages of Using Hydroelectric Energy

Category: Energy

November 14, 2019

Despite being dependent on the level of precipitation and/or water runoff, hydroelectric power is a reliable source of energy. Nationwide, hydropower was the largest generator of clean, renewable electricity in 2018, representing 7% of total U.S. electricity generation and nearly 40% of renewable electricity generation.

Product Recall Produce

Food-Related Recalls and Foodborne Illness Outbreaks Hit All-Time Highs

Category: Product Recalls

November 13, 2019

Does it seem like every day there is a report about a new food recall? The U.S. is experiencing more food recalls today than it did five years ago, particularly when it comes to meat and poultry. This new blog post reviews possible causes and suggests options for reducing risks.

Board of Directors

Product Recall: Potential Liability for Board of Directors

Category: Product Recalls

October 11, 2019

If your clients operate with a board of directors, those who serve on it could be held personally liable for the company’s negligence in the event of a product recall. Directors and officers can be named as defendants in claims related to the negligence of the companies they oversee and, in certain situations, can be held personally liable.

Energy Microgrid

Reliable Energy for the Future: 5 Key Benefits of Microgrids

Category: Energy

October 8, 2019

Like miniature electricity grids, microgrids draw power from on-site or local sources, helping to deliver clean and reliable energy for the future. Unlike wider grids that fall victim to extreme weather conditions and other emergencies, microgrids can be insulated against these types of disruptions.



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