Ransomware Attacks Cost Municipalities

Category: Cyber Risk

April 28, 2019

2019 has seen a rash of successful ransomware attacks on municipalities, most without comprehensive Cyber Risk Insurance (also called Data Breach, Privacy and Network Security insurance coverage). Municipalities continue to be a lucrative target because of lax security, and expensive service disruptions provide an incentive to pay the ransom. 

Ransomware Is a Threat to All SMBs

Category: Cyber Risk

April 22, 2019

Ransomware has become the most common form of cyber attack as it has morphed into a more effective, more targeted and significantly more destructive form of malware, and comprehensive Cyber Risk Insurance is an essential protection.

Cyber fraud

Data Security and CPA Firms: Regulation and Law Changes for 2019 and Beyond

Category: Cyber Risk, Professional Liability

April 11, 2019

CPA firms continue to face challenges in protecting the confidentiality of client data. And while there are no established national cybersecurity standards, the IRS has made it crystal clear that it’s holding CPA firms responsible for safeguarding client information, and those that aren’t taking proactive measures will be in violation of the law. Today, data security has become a necessity for every tax professional — from a partner in a large financial firm to a sole practitioner, and every authorized IRS e-file provider.

Active Shooter Insurance

Shots Fired – Active Shooter / Assailant Coverage: A Critical Need in Emergency Response Plans, Part 3

Category: Casualty, Cyber Risk

December 7, 2018

While no one can predict the future of these events, carriers who write Active Shooter coverage are proceeding on the belief that these events will continue. Coverage will improve as claims occur and forms respond to emerging risks and new damages. First-look services will dovetail with emerging risks.

Autonomous Vehicle

Determining Fault in an Autonomous Vehicle Crash: The Challenges

Category: Cyber Risk, Transportation

January 18, 2018

By: Chris Moulder, CPCU, ARM – Vice President, Broker, Worldwide Facilities – Atlanta

When fully automated cars become commercially available, it is likely that the majority of blame will shift from drivers to manufacturers in case of an accident. However, when considering the cars on the market today—many of which have some level of partial-automation technology—the picture is less clear.



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