Globe Award

Anyone doing something special that warrants recognition?

Why not nominate them for one of Wordwide Facilities’ Globe Awards?

Core Values Defined


A person’s character often determines how successful they are in any career. Having a strong work ethic, remaining honest and demanding self integrity will be noticed on the job.

Ethics: In general, ethics are directly linked to moral principles. Ethics is the ability to tell the difference between right and wrong. Work ethic is applying this principle on the job. When an employee exhibits a strong work ethic, they become a vital asset to the company.

Integrity: Integrity can be described as the strength of someone s honesty and ethical standing. A person with strong integrity is less likely to be influenced by those of a lesser moral value. Employers want to know that a worker will remain honest regardless of a co-worker’s actions. Integrity reflects good moral character.

Honesty: Regardless of the job, honest behavior is crucial. Modifying a time card, allowing someone else to take the blame for your mistakes or exaggerating circumstances on the job are all forms of dishonesty. Once an employer catches a worker in a lie, that employee may be fired. If the employee is not fired, that seed of doubt will be planted in the employer’s mind. This may cause an employer to question the worker’s honesty from then on.

Exceptional Service

Exceptional customer service is when an employee exceeds a customer’s expectations. Ultimately, people will tell others about the good experience they had with the company and more people will bring their business. Exceeding a customers expectation could take as little as a caring voice or prompt solutions to problems. The first step in achieving exceptional customer service is to smile when you answer the phone. Immediately greet the person with your name and ‘How may I help you?’

Listen: The most important skill to learn to achieve exceptional customer service is to listen to the customer’s wants and needs. Listen completely to what the customer has to say and repeat what the customer said to you. This shows you were listening to what they said. Apologize if there was any inconvenience.

Perks: Add extra services or perks for the customer if possible. Customers like to feel special and you should always keep what it is like to be the customer in the back of your mind.

Commitment to Self-Improvement

Self-improvement requires that you go out of your comfort zone. Each time you push your comfort zone, it will expand and things that previously were difficult for you will become easier. Engaging in a continuous process of improvement that articulates the vision and purpose the company is pursuing (vision).

Hard Work/Productivity

Hard working describes someone that is diligent in laboring and puts effort into doing and completing tasks. Productivity directly affects a company’s profit. When employees are productive they accomplish more in a given amount of time. In turn, their efficiency saves their company money in time and labor. When employees are unproductive, they take longer to complete projects, which costs employers more money due to the lost time.

Commitment to Success

An important factor in individual success is COMMITMENT. Commitment ignites action. To commit is to pledge yourself to a purpose or line of conduct that aligns with your company’s values. It also means practicing your beliefs consistently. Possibly the best description of commitment is persistence with a purpose.

Globe Awards Info/Instructions

The intent of this Award is to recognize employees who have met and exceeded the Core Values of the Company. Each eligible employee has the opportunity to nominate a colleague/peer each quarter by completing the nomination form.

The following employees are not eligible for the Globe Award:
– Executives
– Brokers
– Supervisors/Managers

Nomination Process

  • Complete the nomination form, which can be found on the intranet under “Globe Awards”. Note: When completing the form, please provide specific examples of how the nominee has gone above and beyond and exemplified Worldwide Facilities’ core values.
  • Once completed, email the form to
  • Nominations must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to each National Monthly Meeting.
  • HR will send reminders prior to the deadline.

Awards Process

  • A Committee comprised of the President, CAO, HR team member and branch/department manager(s) will evaluate each nomination.
  • The Globe Award winners will be announced at each quarterly National Monthly Meeting.
  • Each winner will receive a framed award and $50 gift card!

Nomination Form

Anyone doing something special that warrants recognition? Why not nominate them for one of Worldwide Facilities’ Globe Awards?

Download the nomination form

When completed, email this form to