White Paper: Occupational Hazards in Renewable Energy & On-the-Job Safety for Workers


Interest in the renewable energy sector is expanding like never before, as supporters view the industry as a catalyst for helping to tackle the critical issue of global warming and reducing the world’s dependence on fossil fuels.

Career opportunities in the renewable energy field are in high demand and include a wide range of well-paying jobs, such as solar installers, wind turbine technicians, hydropower electrical engineers and mechanics, and power plant biomass operators. But with the surge of people entering the field of renewable energy, is worker safety being overlooked? Are there sectors of the industry that present greater risk factors or are prone to a higher-than-normal number of claims? Will employers looking to rapidly fill open clean job positions continue to be challenged when it comes to keeping workers safe and preventing losses?

This white paper looks at how the influx of new job opportunities in the renewable energy sector is changing the way the industry tackles tough safety issues and concerns, and what your clients need to know about safeguarding workers to best mitigate risks.

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