Steve Vallone on Cyber Liability


If you have read the news lately you know the topic of the day seems to be Privacy Breach. You may have seen the list that includes: Sony Pictures, Target, Home Depot, Goodwill, and most recently Anthem/Blue Cross who have had their data systems compromised. While these major companies are getting a majority of the headlines, the reality is hackers are hitting companies of all sizes.

Alliant teamed up with the international law firm Sheppard Mullin and invited insurance broker specialist Steve Vallone of Worldwide Facilities – San Francisco to participate on a panel of experts educating a group of business owners recently. The purpose was to provide an overview of this exposure. They focused on what companies need to do now to prepare for and handle a cyberattack, including:

  • How to assess the risk of a cyberattack
  • How to respond to a cyberattack
  • What would a cyberattack cost your company?
  • What are your disclosure obligations?
  • What to do to insure against losses that accompany a cyberattack
  • Interpreting a cyber-policy

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