Worldwide Facilities Partners with McGriff on TripExcess Liability Product Solution


Worldwide Facilities is proud to announce a partnership with McGriff on their recent launch of TripExcess®, an on-demand excess liability solution for freight brokers. 

This pay-as-you-go solution allows freight brokers to maximize the volume they haul by increasing coverage on a per-shipment basis – ultimately leading to more revenue with more loads. Carriers can use TripExcess to contract loads that may be outside of their existing liability coverage, providing a fast and affordable alternative to expensive annual excess liability policies.

In an increasing litigious climate, we see more shipper and 3PL/broker contracts requiring the servicing motor carrier to provide a $2 million auto liability limit. That reduces carrier capacity since less than 5% of the operating carriers can meet this need.” – Brett McGinnis, an Executive Vice Pesident in McGriff’s Transportation Practice.

McGinnis was one of the primary developers of the new product, in partnership with Worldwide Facilities.

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