Towing Insurance

Towing Insurance Program

We have designed an insurance program to cover professional, for-hire tow companies that also engage in approved ancillary operations such as auto repair, body shop, salvage, storage, gas sales and more. AAA contracts and police rotations will be considered. A solid package of coverage is available for both small and large fleet accounts.

Key Points

  • A Rated, admitted markets, with tiered rating, for preferred accounts
  • A Rated, non-admitted market for marginal accounts
  • Fast turnaround on quotes
  • Dedicated and experienced claims unit
  • No new ventures


  • Auto Liability to $1M
  • General Liability to $1M
  • Garage Keepers – Legal Liability or Direct Primary
  • Physical damage to $500,000
  • On Hook to $500,000
  • Excess limits available


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