Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Liability Insurance

Businesses are more exposed than ever to data risks. While many sophisticated hacks are making headlines, the majority of data breach issues are a result of lost equipment, employee mistakes, inadvertent e-mails, or other unsophisticated vulnerabilities. The ease in which information is transferred opens businesses up to a wide array of data breach vulnerabilities, both malicious and unintentional.

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The exposures and coverages offered to respond to these are rapidly evolving every day. Worldwide Facilities can help you navigate the nuances to Cyber Liability policies by utilizing our consultative approach, broad market access and extensive product knowledge.

Target Classes

  • All businesses

Available Coverage

  • Breach Response Costs
    • Forensics Expenses
    • Notification Expenses
    • Identity Monitoring Expenses
    • Crisis Management / PR Expenses
  • Network Security and Privacy Liability
  • Cyber Business Interruption – Income Replacement
  • Data Restoration Expenses
  • Cyber Extortion Expenses
  • Online Media Liability
  • Cyber Crime / Social Engineering / Funds Transfer Coverage


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