Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

April 30, 2019

Professional liability insurance can be an awkward topic for brokers, as it sometimes entails reminding accomplished professionals that they need protection from their mistakes. However, law firms understand the value of specialized expertise – especially when it comes to the coverage afforded by their own Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance.

Shutdowns by Civil Authority

March 26, 2019

Civil authority insurance coverage on the traditional business income form requires damage to property on the described premises. Civil authority coverage usually applies only to restricted access to the premises, and even when an order of civil authority is the reason for the loss of business income, coverage usually extends for only a few weeks.

Shots Fired – Active Shooter / Assailant Coverage

November 2, 2018

Active shootings are a frequent occurrence in the United States. We know what has occurred immediately when we see the breaking news. After the Newtown massacre, Congress defined mass killings as three or more killed in a single incident. So pervasive is this risk in our society that many executives now inquire about the availability …

Onshore Upstream Oil & Gas Production: An Overview of Onshore Upstream Oil and Gas Insurance

July 25, 2018

For those less acquainted with the oil and gas industry, this three-part article will help delineate the industry’s sectors and describe the insurance challenges faced by exploration and production companies. With the help of a wholesaler specializing in the oil and gas sectors, the retail insurance agent can tailor coverage.



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