Cyber Insurance Policy Limitations

July 5, 2019

Cyber insurance policy limitations can create potential coverage gaps and create problems for today’s insureds and agents. A cyber risk loss – the risk of disruption, damage, or financial loss, including loss of reputation to a business through its information technology (IT) systems – is one of the most significant risks facing businesses today.

Late Claim Notices

July 5, 2019

Avoiding Denials of Coverage for Late Claim Notices: A key consideration under claims- made liability policies. It’s a nightmare scenario for an agent, broker, and insured.

Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

April 30, 2019

Professional liability insurance can be an awkward topic for brokers, as it sometimes entails reminding accomplished professionals that they need protection from their mistakes. However, law firms understand the value of specialized expertise – especially when it comes to the coverage afforded by their own Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance.

Shutdowns by Civil Authority

March 26, 2019

Civil authority insurance coverage on the traditional business income form requires damage to property on the described premises. Civil authority coverage usually applies only to restricted access to the premises, and even when an order of civil authority is the reason for the loss of business income, coverage usually extends for only a few weeks.



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